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July 17 2013

July 14 2013

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July 13 2013

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The Kennedys
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July 11 2013

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July 05 2013

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June 30 2013

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June 29 2013

June 17 2013

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May 27 2013

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May 12 2013

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April 30 2013

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April 15 2013

January 27 2013

Wszystko jest w porządku - krzyknęła - tylko nie każcie mi mówić tego, o czym myślę i jak myślę. 
— Marek Hłasko, Ósmy dzień tygodnia
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January 25 2013

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by Stephen Salmieri 
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Śpiący bakłażan jest śpiący.
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Soup vs. Facebook

Someone I don’t know adds me on Facebook:

Someone I don’t know follows me on Soup:

Someone writes on my Facebook wall:

Someone writes reaction on my Soup:

Lose a friend on Facebook:

Lose a follower on Soup:

Error on Facebook:


Error on Soup:


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