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July 05 2017

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Bernard Plossu, Puerto-Angel, Mexique, 1970
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Bernard Plossu, Michèle, 1963
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July 02 2017

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Andre Kertesz, Budapest, 1921
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June 30 2017

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June 19 2017

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May 23 2017

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Alain Delon, alone among others, 1962

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April 30 2017

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February 26 2017

Dokąd idę? Do słońca. To chyba jasne.
— Edward Stachura
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February 16 2017

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December 23 2014

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Sylvia Plath

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November 10 2014

Zamknięty jestem w swoim ciele do końca życia  i nikt mi nie otworzy tej klatki.
— Marek Hłasko
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October 21 2014

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Man in the Rain, New York City, 1952.

September 23 2014

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